1. Jadora Animatic from Taylor-Ann Gerwin on Vimeo.

    Jadora animatic with sound. There are some editing parts that need fixing and will be once I get more editing experience under my belt.

    Jadora (Jay-door-uh) 

    Here are the super ultimate supreme key poses in scene 2 of my final film.  <3

  3. My homegirl, Anita, loves her some Taylor Swift and tortoises/turtles, so she got Taylor Swift sitting on a giant tortoise for her birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Anita! 

  4. Tiago, babe, this one is for you! 
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Even ol’ monsters like picking daisies! <3
    #sketch daily 8 

  6. This flailer needed to hug itself.
    Sketch Daily 13 or 14.

  7. So, these dudes showed up. Calling them flailers, cuz they flail and shit.
    Yeah. Some sketch dailies are in there, too.


  9. Snooty lady puttin’ her coffee lid on. 
    #sketchdailies 7 
    (I know it says 6 but it’s 7, I swears it!)

    Here’s my bud. My pal. My Brojira. My Broju. 
    Also, #sketchdailies 4 and 6 

  12. The rest of them sexy aquarium peeps!

  13. Seinfeld, camel, and dinosaur brush packs? YIS PLZ

  14. Here are two more organised pages from my sketchbook from the aquarium field trip.
    More to come!

  15. Yesterday my awesome life drawing teacher took our class to the Vancouver Aquarium for a day of live sketching. I got almost 10 whole pages filled with studies and sketches! So very very happy with what I’ve done!
    Will be posting organized pages of the studies.
    Starting with the beeeeeeeeeeerds!

    Also #sketchdailies : 2 and 3