1. Got the background set up. Just need to add shadows and such. 
    Here’s Santa’s guts for the rigging. 
    Looks like Christmas is gonna be a bit early this year!

  2. "I’ll tell ya what’s on my mind. It’s BUTT cold out here and I’m… FRESH out of beer!"
    Rough sketch for the layout of my dialogue. 
    All hail TechnoFrog!

  3. Saw this lady on the bus. She was dope.

  4. It’s been a while. A long, long while. I have been sketching and doing other things. Got an awesome new drawing pad. Here’s a sketch of my trip on the ferry to Salt Spring Island.

  5. Jadora Final Animatic from Taylor-Ann Gerwin on Vimeo.

    I don’t have the credits yet. But all sound is stuff I downloaded from the fine folks at freesound.org or I recorded myself. Thanks to my family, my friends and everyone at VanArts for your love and support!

  6. Long studies of 20 mins, 10 mins and some fabric/cloth stuff. 

  7. Shit tonne of gestures. Boom.

  8. First Dialogue 2.0 from Taylor-Ann Gerwin on Vimeo.

    First dialogue with revisions. Finally got me a demo reel piece!

  9. Dialogue Assignment #1 from Taylor-Ann Gerwin on Vimeo.

    BACK IN THE GAME. It’s been a while but I got my shit sorted out and have been working my buns off. This is before any teacher revisions.



    Party Hard

  11. Jadora Animatic from Taylor-Ann Gerwin on Vimeo.

    Jadora animatic with sound. There are some editing parts that need fixing and will be once I get more editing experience under my belt.

    Jadora (Jay-door-uh) 

    Here are the super ultimate supreme key poses in scene 2 of my final film.  <3

  13. My homegirl, Anita, loves her some Taylor Swift and tortoises/turtles, so she got Taylor Swift sitting on a giant tortoise for her birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Anita! 

  14. Tiago, babe, this one is for you! 
    Happy Birthday!

  15. Even ol’ monsters like picking daisies! <3
    #sketch daily 8