1. I’ve named him Terry. Here he is with some color. Did some fun experimenting with brushes and flow percentages here. 
    Coloring was all done in photoshop. 72 minutes.

  2. Here’s Teller. She’s my attempt at a rascally little girl who is also cute. 

  3. Hunter S. Thompson-y skeleton dude smoking a red spray paint can. Made for and inspired by a friend of mine. Ink and water color. 97 minutes.
    Feeling real good.

    *Edit: added better image*

  4. Here’s a bogrin archer. Her name’s Tamil. Haven’t drawn on of these in forever. They’re a race of goblin like folk. Good hearted with bad habits and hard knocks. Really fun to draw.
    Ink and colerase. 1 hour.

    *edit: added higher quality image*

  5. Dark elf rock pop star, type lady person. 
    Cuz why not?

    *edit: added higher quality image*

  6. Angry 4-legged goose.
    Colerase and ink. 15 minutes.

    *edit: added higher quality image*

  7. Old lady I saw while waiting for the bus. She looked like a retired PE teacher.
    West Van. Colerase and ink.

    *edit: added higher quality image and more of sketchbook page*

  8. "Like, uuuuuhhhhhhh…….."

    *edit: added higher quality image*

  9. Amaterasu is my hero. Ink and water color. 45 mins.

    *edit: new scanned image*

  10. Self portrait. Ink and watercolors. 57 Mins .

    *edit: new scanned image*

  11. Inktober stuffs.

    *edit: 2 new scanned images*

  12. Got the background set up. Just need to add shadows and such. 
    Here’s Santa’s guts for the rigging. 
    Looks like Christmas is gonna be a bit early this year!

  13. "I’ll tell ya what’s on my mind. It’s BUTT cold out here and I’m… FRESH out of beer!"
    Rough sketch for the layout of my dialogue. 
    All hail TechnoFrog!

  14. Saw this lady on the bus. She was dope.

  15. It’s been a while. A long, long while. I have been sketching and doing other things. Got an awesome new drawing pad. Here’s a sketch of my trip on the ferry to Salt Spring Island.